“What Energy HR leaders say about participating in a LEAP HR event

Harry Elsinga

“If we do what we’ve always done, we’ll get what we’ve always got. It’s time to rethink, reimagine and reinvent how we do HR in Oil & Gas, and LEAP HR: Oil & Gas is the perfect place to do just that.”

Harry Elsinga, Chief Human Resources Officer, GE Oil & Gas

Murali Kuppuswamy

"This was a remarkable event: it was genuinely energizing to hear how my peers are transforming HR in their companies.”

Murali Kuppuswamy, (until recently) Chief Human Resources Officer, Baker Hughes

Tracy Gray

"What a great meeting of minds. This was the most inclusive human capital meeting I’ve ever attended. Full of value, not just to me, but to the entire Oil & Gas industry. 10 out of 10.”

Tracy Gray, Global Workforce Planning & Sourcing Leader, Halliburton

Ellen Chin

"I am always very skeptical of these things, so only go them very infrequently. But this conference exceeded my expectations. I had a blast, and would definitely come again”

Ellen Chin, Global Director, HR Strategy & Execution, Weatherford

Meta Rousseau

“10+ out of 10. An inspiring, worthwhile and engaging event – the benchmark against which all other conferences can be measured. A truly outstanding learning and networking experience”

Meta Rousseau, Director Training & Leadership Development, Blackhawk Speciality Tools

Fred Stawitz

“10+ out of 10. Simply the best event for Human Capital leaders in the O&G industry. The most vibrant discussions with the most influential leaders on the most relevant human capital issues facing oil and gas that I have witnessed.”

Fred Stawitz, Award-Winning Educator & Leadership Development Specialist, Kinder Morgan

Daniel Alman

“I enjoyed myself greatly, the forum was excellent. The most value-added conference experience I have had away from the office.”

Daniel Alman, Director, Early Career Development, NOV

Todd Kruger

“Solutions to the most complex problems start with a simple discussion with the right people and having the right people at this event is the cornerstone of it’s success. The people here are at the forefront of their area of expertise”

Todd Kruger, Global Competency Manager, Halliburton

robin lilley

“10 out of 10. The best investment in time I have made in the last two years. We have accelerated the thinking and development of our work by several months and the value is in the tens of thousands. I can’t recommend this enough”

Robin Lilley, Head of Global Capability, Leadership Development and Learning, BP


“If you attend only one HR conference all year, make it this one. Where others might spend time thinking about how they can make more money, this team spends time thinking about how they can add more value to you”

Don Shoultz, Former Head of L&D, BP

Adam Lomas

“It felt as if for the first time we were discussing openly issues which had been difficult to talk about previously, but because of the format of the conference, suddenly became easier. We moved from ‘mission impossible’ to ‘mission possible’.”

Adam Lomas, former Global Head of Learning, Shell

Denise Mannix

“I loved the calibre of the attendees (not always the case at Houston O&G conferences), the variety of presentations with the companies represented was very good”

Denise Mannix, Global Head of Organizational Development and HR, Supply Chain, Weatherford

Ellen Chin

“Given where our industry has been the last few years, with most organizations cutting their people budgets, it’s important for us to stay focused and invest in our people. Participating in events like LEAP HR Oil & Gas is a critical business investment.”

Ellen Chin, Vice President Human Resources, Productivity, Talent & Corporate, Weatherford

Jennifer Koury

“Demographic and technological changes will disrupt what works get done in the future. LEAP HR Oil & Gas offers a vital chance to consider what needs to change when the workforce becomes ‘liquid’.”

Jennifer Koury, Vice President Human Resources – Petroleum, BHP Billiton

Tamara Bray

“It’s vital that we continue to look for new ideas on how HR can innovate outside the industry to help us continue to challenge traditional thinking in Oil & Gas. This is a valuable chance to do that.”

Tamara Bray, Chief Human Resources Officer, DCP Midstream

Bob Newhouse

“It’s easy to be pessimistic given what we have been through in Oil & Gas in recent years; but our collective resilience, the arrival of automation and new technology and other advancements point towards an undeniably brighter future. To take advantage, though, we have to change, too – and that means continually challenging traditional thinking, constantly striving for improvement and always being open to new ideas and opportunities. LEAP HR Oil & Gas is a perfect environment for us all to do just that.”

Bob Newhouse, former Chief Talent Officer, Noble Corporation

Aaron Sobel

“We need to encourage our businesses to think differently about how to build progressive people strategies even when times are tough. LEAP HR Oil & Gas gives us valuable ammunition to help us make that case.”

Aaron Sobel, Chief Human Resources Officer, Diamond Offshore

Jeff Gill

"The varsity team of the energy industry is in this room every year. The who’s who of the people you need to know at the best upstream, midstream, downstream, service companies. You get five days worth of conference in two days.”

Jeff Gill, Chief Talent Officer, Sasol