Monday, April 8, 2024

Designed for Forward-Thinking HR Leaders Revolutionizing Strategy in Oil and Energy



Begin your LEAP HR: Oil & Energy experience by stepping into an immersive, interactive session that

contemplates the future of HR in Oil and Energy. Listen to top CHROs discuss their strategies for forecasting

the future, and the changes they are making in preparation.

Stay ahead of the curve and take your seat at the table. Discover emerging new technologies, how AI can be

used to optimize your processes, as well as how to make use of readily available data analytics to inform your

company’s future strategy.

This session will equip you with the tools you need to advance your recruitment, retainment, upskilling and

more. Leave with immediately actionable insights on how Oil and Energy organizations are engaging with their

workforce and increasing efficiency.


CHRO Panel: Future-Focused CHRO Strategy Panel

• Hear from the CHROs of HF Sinclair, Coterra and MAN Energy Solutions about their opinions on the reality of the future of HR in Oil and Energy
• Learn their strategies for forecasting their future, and the changes they are making as a consequence!


Discover: Utilizing AI Technology to Drive Recruitment Response Rates

• How can we build our hiring pipeline with little time and staff?
• Implement AI technology that can drive response rates
• How PosiGen are utilizing and adapting an AI outsourcing system to specifically identify
and position blue collar workers into their marketing campaigns, which is driving recruitment response rates


Discover: Revolutionizing Workforce Planning to Identify ‘Upskilling’
Candidates, Necessary for the Energy Transition

• How can we differentiate high potential employees and put them on the correct road map to success?
• Scrap overcomplicated, traditional 9-box workforce planning methods and implement a more decisive 4 box system
• How Enlink Midstream implemented a 4-box workforce planning method that has
enabled them to increase accuracy when identifying high potential employees and their maximum potential rolesking as a consequence!