8:30 am Registration & Networking

9:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks & Recap of Day One

10:00 am Panel: Synergising ESG & HR Panel

  • Wayne Finger Vice President for Human Resources, Saulsbury Industries
  • Nasr Alkadi Leader of ESG, Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline

10:20 am Networking & Refreshments Break

Reconnecting with the Frontline Workforce & Constructing an Engaging Culture

10:50 am Discover: Creating Synergy Between Corporate & Field Workers to Enhance Culture & Decision Making

  • Misty Farr VP Human Resources, Jetta Operating Company


  • How we can widen the perspective of the corporate lens while enhancing trust in leadership among employees in satellite operations and foster a consistent company culture
  • How exposure and collaboration can bridge the gap between corporate and field employees
  • How Jetta Operating has implemented practical strategies to build the relationship between corporate and field employees, which increases trust in corporate functions and builds employee engagement

11:10 am Discover: Quantifying Employee Engagement with Data Analytics to Re-Energize Company Culture


  • How can we increase employee retention and engagement?
  • Implement strategies informed by data
  • How Coterra Energy are cleaning up their data and using it to drive conversations and inform engagement and retention strategy for the five different generations within the workforce

11:30 am Develop: How Else Can We Improve Our Culture with Blue-Collar Workers?


Q&A Session Facilitated by the Chair

11:50 am Action: How are You Going to Increase Communication & Culture with Frontline Workers?


Output Focused Action Session Facilitated by the Chair

12:10 pm Lunch

1:10 pm Speed Learning Session


In this quick-fire session, each table will be hosted by a HR leader who will share the secrets of their most high-impact leap; you then get the opportunity to question the host before moving on to your next table.

Table 1: How to Use a Phased Approach for Implementing New Initiatives

  • Elizabeth Laine Head of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Talent, Clearway Energy

Table 2: Incentivizing Positive Behaviors with Wellness

  • Cindy Griffin VP, HR & Corporate Services, Harvestone Low Carbon Partners

Table 3: Tapping Into the Hidden Workforce

Table 4: Using AI in Recruitment

Table 5: Ways to Foster Manager Development After Participation in Leadership Development

Table 6: What does an Authentic DEIJ Initiative Look Like at Your Company?

2:10 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Conference